Thank You

It’s Thanksgiving here in the United States and to any of those who celebrate, I hope you have a beautiful day! To those who don’t? All the same!

Since it’s Thanksgiving, I figure this is an appropriate time to say “thank you.” So, thank you. To the few people who read this little blog with its lethargic output, I’m really happy and I hope you continue to enjoy it. I can’t put everything into this at the moment and it feels terrible, but I won’t abandon it. I don’t want to ever abandon something again. I’ve worked on quite a few things and I tossed them to the side and- Oh, I’ll talk about those things another day. Today is supposed to be happy!

Let me tell you a story then. It’s a true story, a departure from what I usually write. A part of my life story. A “thank you” to a precious friend.

I worked in an office for a bit: three years to be exact. Mind you, it was only a gig in a driver’s education program, not the horrid DMV though. Still, I had quite a heavy and diverse workload in retrospect. I would be filling out tax forms, registrations rosters, writing up receipts, making tests for the program, grading them, calling parents and the DMV, etc. 

Despite that, it’s wasn’t horrible. No, the work didn’t make the job horrible. It was the solitude of the office. Once you finish your work, what else? You just sat there in silence, hands folded, maybe answering a phone. After the first hour, the unfamiliarity of the small office wore off and that was all it was: a small office. What was the point of my being there? I was wasting time I could devote to projects.

Thankfully, there was one other person there who was like a light in the dark. I had known her before. No. That isn’t correct. I had simply been aware of her before. To be honest, I can’t even recall if we talked prior to the job we shared. When we sat across from each other in that office though, I found someone to laugh with: a true friend.

Well, that’s not exactly correct either. You see, she had gained an impression during our awareness of each other prior. In her eyes, I came across as… let’s say “cold.” Completely justified, mind you, and more true that not. Unless I know a person for an extended period of time, my behavior is distant. All that to say it took awhile for what can be determined as friendship to blossom. Thankfully, I was persistent in thinking up jokes and topics of conversation. In my mind, the catalyst which spurred it was, of course, anime.

Once I found out she was a fan, we were giving recommendations and reminiscing on past shows. I believe there was a time where were playing OPs and EDs from our phones, unaware of the classrooms down the hall or the potential for customers to come and register, all to guess where they were from. This went on for the better part of two years, culminating in me dragging her to a small movie known as Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel – Lost Butterfly, the second movie of the Heaven’s Feel arc. The funny thing is, she didn’t even know of Fate past the ridiculous trivia I had told her. 

**If you don’t know, Fate has a reputation for its genderbending of historical characters. 

My English King Can’t Possibly Be This Cute!

She ended up watching the first movie the night before we would see the NA premiere of Lost Butterfly. Because of this, she was actually missing out on two whole Fate anime which heavily pertained to the plot. Nevertheless, she admired Ufotable’s beautiful animation and was all the more mystified by the plot. After the movie, I explained what she might’ve missed and since then, she’s watched most Fate anime that have been released as well as tapping into the mobile game: Fate/Grand Order. I look forward to watching the third Heaven’s Feel movie: Spring Song.

**During Christmas I believe, we exchanged gifts. One of the items she gave me was a Fate necklace. I wear it everyday I go out. I’ve only forgotten it once and I could feel my body tense once I realized it.

Of course, there’s more to this friendship than anime. Without expounding on it too much, we’re there for each other. We’re free to share our ideas and not afraid to argue. Even if we get angry, we come back. I couldn’t ask for someone better. Whether she knows it or not, she’s helped me in choosing my path in life. Without her, I don’t expect to have gone beyond formal reviews and towards what I do now. 

So, thank you. Because I know you took the little time you have to read this. 

The message of the story? In retrospect, I guess it’s that your closest friends might not be immediately apparent. Fate will lead you towards them, but it’s up to you to reach out. Maybe form a connection through something mutually loved, like Fate. 

Anyway, once more to everyone, thank you. I hope you continue to enjoy what I make and I wish you luck to anything and everything you’ll do in the future.

One more thing. I want to let you know that I’m always working on projects, directly or indirectly. Not a moment passes where I’m not thinking of it. December will be full of stuff I’m sure you’ll like. I can promise an article about anime and its psychological effects relative to gender roles (a pseudo-research paper) as well as the flagship article for How Anime Connects The World, a series which connects themes globally.

That’s all from me today.

~A Very Grateful Person – Fenette

2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Interesting story, and hope you have enjoyed your thanks giving. Yup I love the fate series too!!. And yeah, open up or put yourself out there and you never know what you can expect with someone


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