Give It A Light Novel Title Challenge

First things first! I actually have two people to thank for nominating me!

Misaka: She’s incredibly multifaceted in terms of what she writes and (purposefully or not) has a really great tone throughout all her articles. Though I can’t pin it down, the entire site has a feeling of homeliness and familiarity. She recently wrote an article on Ishuzoku Reviewers that looked at its comparative quality which was a really nice read. That said, I especially loved “Why Do We Keep Playing Video Games?” It might be because I may or may not be doing psychological research on gacha games, loot boxes, and addiction but…

Aria: Her articles are always incredibly interesting because (maybe this purely a result of my perception) it seems there’s an underlying layer of knowledge under every piece of text. I’m pretty well versed in stuff like cinematography, writing, and psychology; however, that doesn’t compare to how she talks about stuff like the fundamentals of mystery stories. Also, she’s been watching most of the Fate series for a while now and seeing someone mentally consume such a large franchise while connecting themes, characters, magic systems, etc. is kinda incredible. 

I was actually hoping I’d be nominated since this challenge looked so fun. My friend and I have always tried to parody titles around the Oreimo template: My [ ] Can’t Be This [ ], and I love boiling down anime premises to a single stupid sentence. Maybe someone can spread around a “badly explained anime” challenge type of thing too. (Or maybe the community has already done it? I’m still new after all so I have no clue)

Before we jump into the anime:

The Rules For this Post

  • Choose up to five anime, manga or visual novel series that have a short title. Light novels that have shorter titles (Date A Live for example) are also allowed.
  • Give these series a new title based on those classic overly long light novels we love! If someone has already picked a series you wanted…it’s OK! Let’s see your own take on the title!
  • Link back to the original post so I can read people’s suggestions, I’d love to read everyone’s ideas. (It’s this post right here.)
  • Include “Give it a Light Novel Title” in your tags so everyone including myself can find them all easily. (My tags are getting out of hand.)
  • Nominate around 1-6 bloggers.
    • Jammin’ Rabbit – Hey, it’s a VN developer! Tony, been a minute since you wrote a post that wasn’t a story so how about this challenge? Just a suggestion of course since I thought it was pretty fun!
    • Tiger – Have you been nominated for this yet? Probably. Am I still going to try and nominate you? Of course.
    • ThatRandomEditor – Been a minute since your last post as well! I know you’ve been working on something so here’s a fun challenge if you need an easy article in the interim.  
    • Ex Nihilo – This person here actually is nonexistent yet, save for the site itself. Interesting in drawing, writing, and a close friend; I’m hoping this gives them a fun start to the WordPress anime community.
    • Anyone/Everyone else! A lot of people I know have already been nominated but if you haven’t, get in on the challenge! It’s too fun to pass up!

Madoka Magica

I Made A Contract With An Alien But Didn’t Realize Being Meguca Is Suffering!

Madoka Magica: Rebellion

I Love My Best Friend So Much That I Became The Devil And Reset The World (Again)

Mysterious Girlfriend X

My Girlfriend’s Saliva is Delicious & Kissing Just Isn’t Enough!

Zankyou no Terror

We’re literally Terrorists But It’s Okay Since We Have A Tragic Backstory!

Katawa Shoujo

I Moved To A New School Because of My Heart Condition & Now I Have To Tell Doctors I’m Sexually Active 

*This is fan made!

Psycho Pass

The World is Full of Criminals But I Still Have To Come Into Work Tomorrow.

Did I break the rules and write up titles for six anime? Technically… Maybe…. Shut up… Don’t tell Dewbond.

11 thoughts on “Give It A Light Novel Title Challenge

  1. Thanks for your compliments, but most of my Fate/ posts are done late at night and so sometimes it’s really obvious I’m just spouting words to fill space. (I would cut the final section if I hadn’t already done the middle section only for simulcasts for over 5 years.) Also, I do miss some basic callbacks because I don’t normally watch this fast, but considering some of the Illya series disappeared from my usual streaming service between the planning and execution stage of the project, it’s probably for the better.

    Even then, I’ve only chosen the Fate/ series that best reflect my interests and stuff needed to understand them – tackling Today’s Menu for Emiya Family, for instance, would suck since I know I don’t have much appreciation of cooking anime in general.

    I’m not particularly well-versed on cienmatography or psychology, so you have me beat there anyway.

    …All that aside, that Meguca video is comedy gold.

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