Defining My Waifus!

Still testing different schedules and stuff for the site. Probably will never stop testing. This time I wanted to write something that required a little less work than usual. Go read the article and stop reading this little author’s note.

What Does Being A Waifu Mean?

It’s subjective. Yeah, I know there’s an implied level of subjectivity when talking about entertainment, but waifu wars are dark and cruel things. Best not to take liberties just in case. So, with that said, all these things constitute what a waifu means to me. Revised title!

Defining My Waifus!

I’m actually pretty strict about calling a character my waifu and the number of waifus I can have. In a single series, I usually limit it to a single waifu who then gets the distinction of being best girl. Any more than that and the title of waifu gets distilled. In rare cases though, there are times when multiple characters all hold equally high waifu potential and thus are all waifus. More about that later. For now, let’s list off a few of my baseline waifu traits.


I don’t have any restrictions about appearance (besides characters who show too much skin), but I usually divide waifus into two subcategories: cute or hot. To some people, these are somewhat interchangeable terms but to me, there’s a big separation. For example:


Inaban from Kokoro Connect is a great waifu.


Carmilla from Fate/Grand Order – Check out the artist!

When there’s a cute waifu, she’s usually a bit younger than a hot waifu. They aren’t necessarily super developed physically either. This youthful appearance could be a result of the artstyle though and as such, waifus can be classified as both cute and hot due to fan art. Even outside of fan art though, there are waifus who ride the line in official art between cute and hot. This gives them bonus waifu points. Mashu is a great example of this. 


Mashu from Fate/Grand Order – AKA Best Kouhai

As a rule of thumb, a good waifu looks unique. Even outside of their usual outfit, you can easily tell it’s them. This extends to a change of hairstyle as well. Therefore, even more bonus points for additional designs, canon or fan art!

Hm. What other things get bonus points for me… Oh. Right…

The ability to crossdress! This might be an interesting opinion, but I love a waifu that can pull off a suit.

Mordred from Fate – Check out the artist!

That might be a good transition for the next category-


Tomboys. I don’t know what sparked my love for them. I’m not gonna psychoanalyze it too much though. Just know that being a tomboy grants significant bonus points. In fact, most tomboys are the de facto best girls of a series. Just look at Nisekoi. Tsugumi was unequivocally the best girl and if you don’t agree? Well. Get off my site. (No, please! I don’t mean it. Not fully…)

Have you seen the overlap?

Partially in line with tomboys, a great waifu has that kick of sass and sarcasm. That doesn’t mean they don’t blush when you flirt, but that they flirt back through their embarrassment. They can tease you and don’t take bullshit lying down. So, surprise surprise, bonus points!

But that goes the other way too! That’s right! There are times when I need to detract waifu points! This might be a bit controversial, but I don’t want a waifu who needs protection. It’s a bit different than my dislike of the damsel in distress trope. With that, it’s more a disdain for the writer. With this, it’s a matter of my philosophy in regards to romance: In a relationship, there shouldn’t be dependence per se. Well, I’ll actually be writing something about romance soon so- No proper explanation here.

As a slight detour within the category, I love when characters have a distinguishable serious and comedic side to them. Seeing someone who’s usually so happy-go-lucky turn serious is an absolute boost to their waifu potential. 

Look. It’s Mordred from Fate again. Can you tell I love Mordred? Because I love Mordred.

What happens when multiple characters, after the addition and subtraction of waifu points, hold a similar level of waifu potential? It’s actually extremely rare. The only time there’s such a large cast of distinct female characters are usually harems which (99% of the time) are disqualified because they are boiled down to stereotypes. Either that or they’re fine with polygamy. (Is polygamy becoming a more accepted thing now? Not sure, but not my thing.) 

There’s an exception in the notorious harem: Infinite Stratos. Best girl- Charlotte Dunois!

Visual novels bypass this with their different routes. I can use Persona 5, a game with multiple waifus, since VN is used as a subgenre.

There are in fact 3 major waifus:

If you’ve heard of Persona 5, you may know that the cast is full of teenagers. However, those girls aren’t teenagers at all. I- Well. Chalk that up to my tastes again… Everyone knows a mature waifu is the best. Right? Mature waifus have that air of class and relaxation that inferior waifus don’t have. They aren’t awkward and are able to support themselves. I’m also a sucker for a slightly deeper voice. Thanks Miyuki Sawashiro.

There are others cases such as when a franchise becomes so vast that picking one sole waifu is impossible. I’m looking at you, Fate. THAT SAID! I can claim that characters are waifus; however, I truly have one waifu above all. MoMo.

So, what have we learned in this super educational article? My waifu tastes? Yes. Is that it? Probably.

Waifus are tragic because they’re fictional. Yet, that’s what makes them so great. They are an ideal that you can fall in love with. Any restrictions or stuff like that is decided by you. No matter who your waifu is, cherish them. What do you look for in waifu? Do you have any specific traits you love to bits?

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  1. I hate to admit, but mature waifus with a vigorous no nonsense attitude always manage to stab my heart’s soft spot. Like, stop, I can’t pick all of you

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