UPDATE: The Site Until April

Informal update time! 

6 uploads in one month? That’s crazy (for me)! Should I have spaced them out more and varied the topics? Definitely. I mean, I mentioned Fate three articles in a row. One of them wasn’t even about Fate! But don’t worry, I won’t mention it again in this article. Promise.

Anyways, why the update? Basically, I might not publish again for the rest of the month. Now, hold on. This is a good thing! I’m not stopping because I’m burnt out or anything like that. I’m taking the time to create something really big. I’ll share the details with you now because (1) I’m excited, and (2) I don’t think there’s any reason to withhold the plan. 

The first article I ever wrote on this site was an analysis for a VN: Katawa Shoujo. Since then, and even before, I’ve always joked around saying how crazy it would be to have a legitimate degree in visual novels. I can’t exactly give people a degree, but I can teach a class which I think is much more important (though society at large doesn’t necessarily agree). 

The plan is to create online lectures for everyone’s consumption. The rate will be 1 video per week for [x] amount of weeks. I haven’t decided on the exact time frame yet. I’ll upload the lectures to YouTube and the transcript to this site. If I can, I’m also thinking of livestreaming the lectures beforehand so people can interact. Don’t hold me to that though since I don’t know how my setup will fare. 

Let me make this clear though. This will essentially be a 101 course. It doesn’t teach how to make VNs. It goes over the components of VNs, what you should keep in mind, gives good tips, and provides locations for various resources. If there’s a desire for more, that’s when I can branch out into more advanced courses. For now, I want to keep the material as accessible as possible. This 101 course will be completely free for all with no conditions. I have a whole syllabus made already but still need to see if the order of the topics is good. 

Doesn’t this sound fun? I think so! I’ll need to get used to hearing my own voice in playbacks, but that’s a problem for me. Before I end this article, I’m gonna give myself wiggle room. Don’t expect this before summer and it may take even longer than that. I wanna make sure everything is as high a quality as I can make it. 

What do you think though? Are you interested in VNs? Will you be tuning in? Maybe even interacting if it’s live? I sure hope so.

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