What Even Is まいにち動画+?

I started releasing daily articles that consisted of a Japanese transcript and an  English translation of [まいにち動画+], read as [Mainichi Douga+], and translated to [Daily Video+], but what even is it in the first place? I only discovered it on the 9th or 10th of this month and I’m here to try and explain it to you. Is that a good idea? Probably not, but the idea is simple enough that I’ll give it a try. Maybe in the process, it’ll even persuade you to watch them. 

As you can tell, Daily Video+ is a daily series by someone named Sister Claire. She is a Vtuber in Nijisanji, an agency with a damn lot of Vtubers. The goal of Daily Video+ is to start your day on the right foot and serve as encouragement throughout it. The videos premiere at 7 AM in Japan to cement that fact. In addition to encouragement, Claire also teaches Japanese Sign Language (JSL), covering different topics each week. 

The latter part, her teaching JSL, is probably why I started wanting to translate it in the first place. As you may or may not know, sign language isn’t universal. Actually, it’s region specific.  It doesn’t matter if regions speak the same language either. Sign language is a completely separate language in and of itself. In the United States, there’s American Sign Language (ASL), but in Britain there’s British Sign Language (BSL). It seems like such an obvious thing to know, but I went such a long time without even thinking about it. That’s why her showing even a small amount of awareness of those who are hearing impaired or completely deaf is so endearing to me.

Whether you’re a fan of Vtubers or not, I recommend tuning in to her streams or watching her archives on occasion. The atmosphere is usually very calming and can be used to fall asleep to. For example, a recent collaboration she did was with another Vtuber named Eli Conifer. Before the stream, they gave each other tea recommendations with the intent to try it live. Claire also tweets pictures of cute pastries and other sweets which is great to look at. I also adore her singing, especially her original song Dogma and cover of Tracing Pulse. Videos embedded below.

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