[EN] Futamochi Yamai – Notice of Removal

“Thank you for always warmly supporting me.

As of today, Futamochi Yamai will end activities as a VTuber.

I apologize for the sudden announcement. The reason for the departure will be withheld. I will not be answering any questions regarding my departure, and I will be deleting my posts on YouTube and Fanbox.

I’d like to thank all of the VTubers who have been involved with me, everyone who has supported me, and everyone who has made my life as a VTuber so enjoyable. I’m not good at goodbyes, so I’ll end with this. Thank you for all the encounters. Thank you very much!”

April 14, 2021

Futamochi Yamai

As of 4/14/2021, 12:30 AM EST, only song covers remain on her YouTube channel. All tweets prior to the removal notice have been deleted.

My favorite cover of hers…

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