A place for all the questions I expect to be asked. Still have more? Go ahead and send me a message through whichever mean you prefer.

“What is this site?”

The goal of AniCourses is to demonstrate how various factors involved in the mediums of anime and visual novels contribute to the audience’s feelings during a scene. I will also be exploring the thematic aspects of their stories and how they relate universally. In doing so, I hope to lead to the spread and prolongation of anime as a whole. It’s to my understanding that intimacy with these specified techniques also lead to a greater appreciation, and therefore enjoyment, of said mediums. Thus, the site itself caters to both the inexperienced, amateur, and accomplished writers and directors.

“Who are you?”

Online, I go by the moniker Le Fenette. I’m a writer from New York, the occupation extending to more than crafting a narrative. In addition to creating my own stories, I also promote many anime-esc games; providing reviews, assisting in scripts, and general QA.

I am also the founder of Senpai’s Anime Hangout (SAH), a Steam group with an integrated review system. There, I review a number of games with an anime aesthetic. Over time, its built up a sizable audience I’m proud to call my community.

“Will you write about [x]?”

I’m open to writing about anything related to video games or anime. This can be as specific as using glitches to execute accepted mechanics (see inertia in DMC4), to the broad evolution of a genre over time. However, there are two caveats to this.

Firstly, I must be familiar with the subject matter. It irks me to no end when someone purports to be knowledgeable when all they do is use secondhand information.

Secondly, it must be brought to my attention. There is such a huge amount of topics to discuss, it’s hard for me to get to it all. Please, contact me if you’d like me to cover something as I might never otherwise.

“How can I contact you?”

There are quite a few ways! If you don’t want to navigate away from this site, head over to the Contact page.

I also have a Twitter. Tweet at me or DM me, both work!

My email is also a very viable option: LeCuratorDeSAH@gmail.com

Last but not least, my Steam profile!

“Have you worked with professionals?”

No need to worry, I have indeed! Through my reviews, I’ve gotten to work with some of the industry’s finest developers and publishers: SNK, PQube, MangaGamer, Fruitbat Factory, NekoNyan, Top Hat Studios, and a plethora of others!

Along with reviews, I’ve also helped proof scripts, beta test (games and development software), and am developing my own game. For a complete list of who I’ve worked with, you can find the information here.

“Will you work with me on [x]?” “Will you help me with [x]?”

I’m always happy to help people in the community! Contact me and we can talk about the details whenever we’re mutually free.