Rays of Light

*A prologue in the vein of Katawa Shoujo and Bloom Into You. Created in late 2018.

Rumbling waves resonated through the ground. A train accelerated quickly towards its next stop. The headlights of it gave the perception that it was streaming through the dark abyss of night. From said abyss, a voice echoed for help. Arm outstretched, the owner was left with no response but the sound of silence. Soon, the abyss was lit with a blinding radiance. In a moment, it would be the time of arrival. That is the story as described by others. In reality, it wasn’t nearly so poetic or quick. 

Hardly could that night be termed normal. Grasping for the handrail, she slowly made her way to the station. From entrance to platform, a distance that would normally be covered in less than a minute, she took three or four. Running up the stairs wasn’t an option for her. She wasn’t a kid and even if she was, it wouldn’t change much. Finally though, with no help in sight, she managed by herself; all the while lugging around a rollaboard she couldn’t roll. How long had she walked since departure from her former house? Perhaps it was three miles in total at the very least. Initially, she was looking for a new place to stay. In the end, she was a lone wanderer surrounded by cold and nothingness. Only her long coat, that of green colored wool which draped to her knees, shielded her. A skirt and black stockings did little to protect her legs however. As such, she could barely feel them after walking so far and for so long a time. Rest was needed and where would a seat be found? Absentmindedly, she stumbled along looking for the bench, trademark to every station worth its salt. Whether due to exhaustion or a fatal misstep, her right foot stepped  forward and touched empty space. At that point, she hadn’t a clue what had happened. 

Everything about her surroundings, as little as she knew before, had faded into an even deeper sense of mystery. What was once exhaustion was now replaced by despair. Back aimed toward what was most likely the ground, hers arms automatically outstretched forward reaching for something to grasp. Of course, there was nothing and she hit the floor with a hard thud. No other noises could be heard save for the occasional car in the distance. As for the damage which the impact caused, it was rather minimal. Yet, as she lay flat with a pained expression, her nape touched ice. As cold as it was, it wasn’t ice per se. Rather, the material was notably cold like it. Indeed, it was the railing of the train tracks. After getting up, she would have to find her case, walking stick, and the platform. What if the case had broken open, her clothes spewed everywhere? If only she had the pleasure to worry about something like that. Instead, before even getting up, she felt a strong reverberation which got increasingly more intense. It seemed life had finally decided to revoke its license. In other cases, perhaps it would be said that her luck had run out. Yet, she was never blessed with luck or luxury. Ever still, that didn’t mean that she wouldn’t cling onto what little life she had anyway. Heart beating faster than the seconds ticked by, she stood up mindlessly. There was no plan in motion or being formulated. She only reached her arms upwards and screamed louder than ever before. It was a cry that, if heard, would harmonize with the soul’s will to live. Even if it was in vain, she had a duty to call for help. If she had lived up until now, struggling with everything and still doing so, she didn’t want to die without recompense for her effort. 

Louder, the rumbling plateaued in noise and soon it was all she could hear. Arms still outstretched, she gazed to her right. The light fell on her eyes and no one responded to her pleas. 

Her breath was visible in the air, it was at least that cold. Finally though, weather be damned, she had a brief respite. Evelyn, a woman of slightly less than average height and long hair was walking through the streets; her reflection in a display window caught her eye. It was overlapped with a red scarf which was draped over a mannequin. Starting red, the scarf subsequently faded into a darker hue and once again turned to its original tint at the other end. It seemed quite stylish but the color didn’t match her attire. Shades of blue, light grey; those were what she deemed appropriate for winter time. As such, her jacket and fur hood were coated in navy and her jeans blue. Even her hair, though coincidental, was dyed a deep blue as well. Perhaps some time in the spring would be fitting for such a scarf. Either way, it was late and break without rest was no break at all. Pulling out her phone, she was about to request a ride. On a whim though, she looked to the moon high in the sky and proceeded to lock her phone. Such a nice night, it couldn’t be wasted. From the train, she figured, she would lean on the window and look at the luminous buildings. Taking time to enjoy what was around her, that was the opportunity she wanted. Practically skipping to a tune which jingled out of the clothing stores, she made her way to the station. It was then that she heard a harsh cry. Stopping suddenly, she stood in place attent. Piercing her ears, she again heard a cry for help and raced upwards. On the platform there was nothing in sight save for an abandoned rollaboard. The story was obvious but confirmation of the worst was needed. Shifting into a full sprint she tried to reassure the mysterious voice that it was okay, that she was coming. Opening her mouth, only unintelligible noises spewed forth. What replaced it was now the lights of a train and the distinct roar it emitted. In what could be that person’s last moments, they would die without even a speck of hope? 

At last, a figure was in sight. Eyes full of tears was a tall woman in a long green coat. She was far enough away that her fate was undecided. An attempt though- an attempt must be made. Faster she ran and faster the train would seemingly arrive. Nearly at the tall woman’s side, the arms of both parties extended in what could have been vein. Now they were in the limelight of the lead car. Clasping hands and pulling upwards, Evelyn struggled with all her strength against fate. Drawing more strength than she did in fights long past, the train was nearly on them. Two seconds perhaps, or maybe that was generous. In that moment, somewhere, someplace, a red string was cut.