Work Inquiries

What service do you need? Perhaps it’s someone who will proofread your work? Or are you not quite at that stage and need an editor? Maybe you need a writer for your project?

I’m able to perform all three roles (Editor, Proofreader, Writer) and will tell you which is needed.

what to expect

  • Quick and consistent communication on the platform of your choice.
  • Seamless scripts with no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Fast turnaround on work throughout the year.
  • Directing advice backed by knowledge of cinematography, writing, and psychology.
  • No qualms about NSFW or thematically dark work.


Visual novels or scripts otherwise based in anime culture are my playground. I’m intimately familiar with their story structure, stereotypes, tropes, and plots; a critical aspect of utilizing the anime style to its fullest. The same can be said for VNs and their unique perspective, which differentiates them from contemporary novels or plays.

*I still accept work outside of this niche and promise a high standard of quality.


AAA studio, established indie company, or an aspiring solo developer; my rates differ appropriately. For specifics, please reach out to me with details about the project and your background. From there, we can determine together what price both of us will be comfortable with.

If you are developing a free to play game, that changes things significantly. My rates will be lower and I may even be persuaded to work for free.


There are many ways to contact me. I’ll list the best options below, starting from which I am most likely to respond to the fastest. Messaging me on multiple platforms is completely fine. Expect a response in 24 hours or less. Otherwise, do contact me again. Filling out the form below is functionally the same as an email.


Twitter: @LeFenette

Steam: Le_Fenette

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